6. maybe there are some hidden settings that can be changed. If you search for “Sound settings” in the start bar, the Settings app will open in the right place. People I speak to over the phone in car seem to think I am 10m from the microphone!! after opening the phone, i didn't find any problems with the mic housing. To manage the properties of your microphone, you need to click the second “Device properties” link, the one under “Input”. Android Forums. However, you have to customize few settings. Most camera apps don't allow for the adjusting of mic sensitivity - it's usually handled automatically (automatic gain control). The way to change the volume settings of a microphone while talking on the phone? Not all Android UIs have this feature, however, so it won't work for everyone. I don't think you can, unless you have a specific microphone which has an app you can download, if that's the case then you'll have to download that app for that product. i reassembled the phone and used the Hi-Q MP3 recorder to test the mic again. Check Device Volume. Click on the Levels tab in the microphone properties. Step 2: Select Sound. everything sounds fine on the recordings with the app, but it seems like the problem is only happening during phone calls. You could optimize your Android audio experience through the settings. Now click menu button (three dots at the top-right corner of the screen) and then click "Settings". Step 3: Check the Call volume section. The easiest way to increase the volume of an Android device is to use the volume control buttons, normally found on the right hand side of the phone, or with headphones or an external speaker. Unfortunately, either due to poor software implementation where the AGC can't attenuate loud sounds enough, or simply poor microphones, quite a few phones struggle with recording in loud environments. 4. I'm starting to hate this bug as it prevents me from … If your device has it, the procedure is easy, though. The Sound settings window will open up. The sound settings page controls both input and output. 5. 3. Once the recording tab opens, select the Default microphone device on your system and then click on Properties, as shown below. MX Player, which is undoubtedly the best media player app, can increase the audio volume up to 200%. Now finally, increase you Microphone levels to 100%. Here's a step-by-step guide - First of all, open the MX Player app. Launch the Android Settings menu. Phone is brilliant except the handsfree bluetooth mic volume is low. Devhux wrote: ↑ I actually should have rephrased my answer. It's volume is low therefore my recordings are silent. For this purpose, you need to open Engineering Mode, then choose Audio section and run into Normal Mode. ... Go to settings scroll down to sound & notifications >scroll down to sound enhancement >scroll down to volume booster> switch on. and put the Volume up for all levels selecting the desired value of Maximum volume settings (you can try to set 230). Boost speaker volume; Check your settings. Then select Mic. My mic doesn't work properly after android 10 update. Here, click on the Recording tab.
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