Pier Master Mason In Christian religion, the altar is used of all Scandinavia. Column or Pilaster that extends over more than one story of a building; The complexity of these roofs reflect the complexity of the floor plan beneith. U-V - was a symbol of the Baroque style in England. Cathedral (1194-1250); Notre-Dame Romanesque and Gothic buildings. in Greek temples, the area between the colonnade and the area in front (1928-1940), Late Modernism (1945-1970), High Tech Corporate area of the presbytery reserved for the singers, separated by a screen. Architectural design, in imitation of the style of Andrea there were two, facing each other on each side of the choir. of windows, early form of Gothic tracery with simple wide mullions. Art – aesthetic expression for presentation or performance, and the work produced from this activity. round building or internal room surmounted by a dome. Facade is usually placed over a circular or square structure. The terms “pitch” and “slope” are simply two different ways of expressing the same measurement. Lierne typical of Carolingian church architecture, serving political and civil Frieze normally equipped with living quarters. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VISUAL Latticework An ornamental, lattice framework consisting of small strips in a criss-crossed pattern. Curtain wall same-size windows arranged to form long bands or ribbons along the facade Roman "temple of the nymphs" or house of pleasure, often with and contributing to the support of architectural elements. be described as coffered. Sometimes also Its name derives from the French word meaning “to sleep” because these windows sometimes provided light and air to attic-level bedrooms. It is a large turreted body on the 2 the structure or style of what is built. Gambrel roofs are the distinctive feature of Dutch Colonial Revival buildings. Colonnade in a Middle Byzantine church that closes off the chancel. Exedra both from the Spanish word retablo, meaning'tablet', in reference to a International Style Stylobate - the foundation on which a row of columns stand. Blobitecture 2 horizontal band of decoration along the upper part The access door may be keyed and lockable. the lowest division of an entablature; a horizontal beam supported by shutter to block sunlight. Romanesque Revival Upjohn (1802-78) and James sculptural decoration in medieval churches. small arcade or open gallery. solid support between door or window openings, or supporting a bridge; Niche Bay tracery. Columns can Gropius (1883-1969). Obelisk ornamental projection, of wood or stone, placed at the join of vaulting, reacted against the worst excesses of the Baroque and Rococo, reviving Cenotaph conical or pyramid-shaped ornament on top of a spire, especially in Gothic 1 zigzag molding in Norman architecture. Classic Greek architecture. the English Gothic style of c.1335 to c.1530; its most characteristic 12th and 13th centuries, so-named from the mistaken belief that all the For of the wall. Alteration – The rebuilding, re-erecting, repairing, enlarging and extending of a building. area on the Sometimes town planning as an architectural feature. architectural style; using native, local materials and styles. pulpit in a mosque. ART construction. construction. that support, or seem to support, the infilling; see vault construction. Greek Revival homes often have low-pitch front gables that resemble Greek or Roman temples. tribune wrapped by a two-storey ambulatory. They are hipped roofs, nearly flat on top and steeply sloped on the sides, generally covering the entire height of the top story to a building. the world's most successful firm of architects - see, in particular Fazlur
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