Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.) It is best to leave the plant in its original container until the roots have replaced all of the soil and you can’t keep the plant well watered. Its long arching branches are thorny, and bear heart-shaped leaves and masses of papery bracts in white, pink, orange, purple, and burgundy. The flowers are generally small, white, and inconspicuous, highlighted by several brightly colored modified leaves called bracts. Care should be taken to site it where it will not be a danger to children or pets. This plant has no children Legal Status. Bougainvillea glabra has thinner branches that spread in many directions and have distinctive pointed triangle-shaped bracts that come in a range of whites, lilacs, mauves, and purples. Buy bougainvillea spectabilis hong kong red - plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. On Nov 4, 2003, amorning1 from Islamorada, FL wrote: This plant grown outside, in front of a window will get a reflection from the window and quickly show phenominal growth. It pretty much likes to be root bound. Although it is frost-sensitive and hardy in zones 9b and 10, bougainvillea can be used as a houseplant or hanging basket in cooler climates. Don’t be. It can be done at any time of the year. Customers who … In Zone 8 and cooler, you are almost limited to growing them in some kind of container unless you treat them as an annual (plant a new plant outdoors each year). Yo vivo en Texas y tengo una que florece muy bien y no necesita mucho cuidado. Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd. As a woody clambering vine, bougainvillea will stand alone and can be pruned into a standard, but it is perfect along fence lines, on walls, in containers and hanging baskets, and as a hedge or an accent plant. New growth, however, is beginning to emerge from the roots. Expecting to be away for late fall and winter, I brought them in the house. I cleaned out a few weeds and some other tree roots and upset the roots which seemed to slow down the plant's growth. Needs regular fertilizer, especially one high in phosphorus. When BGI was on a bougainvillea exploration trip through Southeast Asia, we saw beautiful bougainvillea growing out from old laundry baskets and tires! The air will naturally prune the roots that are exposed. Cover bougainvillea and the surround soil around the plant with thermal covers made for plants – aka. Bougainvilleas look good particularly around a pool because they lend a tropical touch. Lesser Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) has distinctly 5-angled (pentagonal) floral tubes and short floral bracts and is distinguished from Great Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) which has rounded floral tubes and longer floral bracts but they are otherwise very similar. If I can't be present for awhile, an unimpeded less direct light turns out to be the best way for this plant to survive winter in a house. Bougainvillea roots tend to be long and brittle and they break easily if the ground they are growing in is disturbed in any way. So depending on which continent or region you reside, it may not be the ideal blooming season for your area. Flowering is recurrent after strong vegetative growth in response to dry weather. Do not overwater, as it will produce more vegetation and fewer flowers. You may see a bract or two sporadically appear, but more likely than not, it will look like a common green houseplant until spring when you can place it outdoors into high light. Species: spectabilis The bougainvillea plant grows in the biome of the Amazon rainforest in South America. Hand-held hedge shears are recommended for a clean edge and for precise trimming. The Longitudes of the biome are 35° West to 65° West and the Latitude, 15°South to 5° North. I cleaned out a few weeds and some other tree roots and upset the roots which seemed to slow down the plant's growth. Wetland Status. It prefers a well drained humus rich moist loamy soil with a pH range from 5.5 to 7.0 and grows in an open sunny position. The flowers last a very long time. Just remember that the container MUST have proper drainage. Height 7-12m. 10 members have or want this plant for trade. Bougainvilleas love hot, dry, sunny spaces and they seem to perform better when slightly neglected, so don t be to attentive to your plant and it should thrive. Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. B. x spectoperuviana (spectabilis x peruviana). Bougainvillea, (genus Bougainvillea), genus of about 18 species of shrubs, vines, or small trees, belonging to the four-o’clock family (Nyctaginaceae), native to South America. When it is necessary to re-pot remember that a bougainvillea has a very delicate root system and a fragile root to stem connection. Bougainvillea should be protected during the winter. Chlorosis can be a problem in alkaline soil. Handle bougainvillea with care. Will tolerate salt sprays. Although direct sun caused exponential growth, a thin curtain with a certain trimming of the new growth caused the leaves to enlarge exponentially. [1], Along with palms, sunshine, and beaches, the cascading blooms of bougainvillea provide one of Florida’s signature tropical images. It’s important not to sever the roots; take care to dig up the entire root ball and especially in one piece. Bougainvillea hybrids found today have been grouped into these three hybrid groups: The bougainvillea has two distinct growth cycles: Bougainvilleas’ natural habitat is equatorial where day and night lengths are almost equal. By themselves, these media tend to become compacted, too lightweight, and hard to wet. Many people told us that a tea brewed from the flowers of the red varieties was an excellent home remedy for colds and coughs,being a natural decongestant. The leaves are nothing special and the overall shape of the plant is rather free-form, but the blooms are stunning. The genus is known to have thorns. If your plant dries out and you use this type of mix, to re-wet it, let the pot sit in a pail of water until the soil ball is completely wet. Bougainvillea love to be pot-bound, so pot in the smallest container available for the purpose you desire. If I can't be present for awhile, an unimpeded less direct light turns out to be the best way for this plant to survive winter in a house. This is a climbing, spiny, spreading shrub with greenish bark. _ Get 1 Free Product Today _ All India Delivery _ Lowest prices. The countries that lie in this biome are Brazil (mostly), Bolivia, Peru, … They are also generally lightweight and porous, allowing for a well-drained yet moisture-retentive mix. despite what the map says, hilton head is actually zone 9a. Soil-less media are free of any disease pathogens, insect pests, and weed seeds. How Bougainvillea Spectabilis is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Trinidad and Tobago with analysis of vegetation types and botanical 'hotspots' Phytotaxa 250: 1-431. On May 3, 2005, JaxFlaGardener from Jacksonville, FL (Zone 8b) wrote: These plants are "iffy" here in NE Florida (on the borderline of Zone 8b/9a). The also tend to flower virtually continuously, and often down the entire length of the branch. _ Get 1 Free Product Today _ All India Delivery _ Lowest prices. Bougainvillea spectabilis is a long-lived perennial plant. It does not like a lot of water, but on the other hand, don't let it dry out either. it never gets below 20 F. it is also lik that in columbia. Leaves turning purple or red indicate a phosphorous deficiency. × buttiana ‘Poulton’s Special’ AGM] B. The bracts are crinkled, fairly large, egg-shaped, and possess colors in the rose, rusty-red, and purple. On Dec 4, 2003, Maudie from Harvest, AL wrote: When container grown these plants are sensitive to being moved from one location to another. It does stop blooming here for a few weeks in Winter. With at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day, a typical, healthy bougainvillea will remain in a blooming period for 3 to 5 weeks. Any remaining foliage on the plant may have brown or black edges to them, giving them a burnt appearance. but i seen how nice they grow around were theres sun and they are lovely. To prevent this, place wooden slats or four bricks (in a T-design) under the pot. For some reason in Melbourne it is the purple variety that seems to cope best with our conditions, whereas further North in Sydney all varieties grow profusely. These colorful plants hail from an arid region of the world and, as such, thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. Since these plants let you know real quickly just how much they love direct sun, biggest challenge for me is to figure out just how much water they require. Some of the more traditionally used containers include terra cotta (clay) pots, plastic pots, hanging baskets, wire baskets lined with sphagnum moss or fibrous liners, concrete planters, planter boxes, and bushel baskets. The plant is native of the coastal regions of Brazil. Bougainvillea can tolerate hot, dry locations fairly well and flowers bountifully in full sun with regular watering. too close to a lawn and under the eaves of the house, with the result that they got too much nitrogen and too little sun, (I should have mentioned at the time that the plants in the open ground were B. spectabilis, not B. glabra, though I don't think it would have made a difference.) The plant is not winter hardy. 'Hawaiian Torch' has small, frail thorns (if any) compared to other Bougainvillea. The bougainvillea’s versatility is legendary. This variety comes in a lot of unusual colors. This species is accepted, and its native range is E. & S. Brazil. In addition, Bougain® contains 5% Iron — the secret for vibrant, beautiful color on bougainvillea. B. peruviana, from Colombia to Peru, has rose to magenta bracts. On Oct 30, 2003, dho1655 from Belvedere Tiburon, CA wrote: We've grown this shrub in Tucson, AZ and it's very popular here. Originally thought to be a distinct species, it was named B. buttiana in her honour. My understanding is that it's the magenta/purple ones that are used for Agua de bugambilia in Mexico--B. glabra, I would think. – great bougainvillea Subordinate Taxa. Less than 5 hours and the plant may not bloom very well. Many species are thorny. For example, move a plant in a 6″ pot into a 9″ or 10″ pot. The leaves are oval. can grow to be as tall as 20 feet high, with a spread just as wide. Cold winds have “burned” the leaves that have lost too much water through transpiration. Bougainvillea glabra is a species that naturally is smaller growing, it is even used for bonsai, flower colors range from white purple. Something about the sensitivity of the leaves reminds me of a focus tree. The real flowers are very tiny and inconspicuous. When BGI writes about trimming a bougainvillea, we mean removing just the ends of branches or shoots. The pink flowers seem to change to a slightly different color when the plant is moved outside. Bougainvillea spectabilis Red is vigorous, evergreen or almost deciduous climber with stems bearing down-cruving thorns and ovate, downy, mid-green leaves, 10cm long. i know this because i grew up there. Synonym: Bougainvillea 'Spectabilis' Also known as Great Bougainvillea; Grows as a bush or on trellis; Beautiful purple blooms; Attracts birds and butterflies ; Ideal for any landscape; Plant Bougainvillea Brasiliensis and they will have your landscape awash in a sea of purple flowers! Pl. a [boo-guhn-vil-yuh; -vil-ee-uh; boh-], The Bougainvillea is an immensely showy, floriferous and hardy plant. Bougainvillea are heavy feeders that require regular monthly fertilization during blooming season. However, be careful not to use peat or peatlite mixes alone. Uses. If you can think of them as finger nails that need to be cut, by using a diagonal toe nail clipper pliers to trim the prickles, after 10 minutes you will end up with a tree that is smooth as a baby's hand and those areas will never regrow prickles. Related Links. Bougainvillea require winter protection when temperatures fall below freezing (32F), and in some cases below 40F if there is accompanying wind. Its beautiful flowers are like a tissue paper rose and the plant usually gets loaded with flowers most of the year. If you do not want to trim your bougainvillea and only want to pinch it, it will have to be done with a pair of compact hand shears or by hand. Gradually increase light levels by placing in partial shade for the first few days and working up to direct sunlight by the second week. Natural hybrids were soon found to be common occurrences all over the world. I use ... read more, Our neighbors had peacocks when I was growing up. On Feb 10, 2006, firelili from San Diego, CA wrote: i have one but my apt doesnt get sunlight on my porch. This review discusses the current knowledge of the phytochemistry andin vitro andin vivo evaluations carried out using the extracts and, where appropriate, the main active components isolated from the genusBougainvillea. Wearing gardening gloves is recommended when pinching by hand. It can be done at any time of the year. The plant grips onto other plants with its strong thorns. We also have an orange-flowering Bougainvillea and the flowers are not very many. Bougainvillea spectabilis is a large climber with distinctive curved thorns, and hair on stems and leaves. Dicot. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. It prefers moderately fertile, organically rich soil that retains moisture but is not soggy. If you have planted your bougainvillea in the soil outdoors and want to dig it up and move it indoors for the winter, expect the plant to go into dormancy sooner than if it had been in a container — the root damage as a result of digging will be the cause rather than the cool weather — but the plant should survive this kind of transplanting. The larger growing Bougainvillea spectabilis has naturally cream flowers and red to purple bracts. It is a continual bloomer with enough sun and water. Bougainvillea may be pruned, trimmed, and pinched at any time of the year. Only the woody vines have attained wide popularity; several species have produced very showy Bougainvillea Spectabilis 'Alexandra' Bougainvillea 'Alexandra' A tall climber that can be kept as a shrub or thorny, rambling vine, if grown as a vine it needs to be supported, trellis, wall, through a tree etc. Bougainvillea spectabilis is a large climber with distinctive curved thorns, and hair on stems and leaves. The bracts can vary in color, ranging from white, red, mauve, purple-red, or orange. In early 19th century, these two species were the first to be introduced into Europe, and soon, nurseries in France and England did a thriving trade providing specimens to Australia and other faraway countries. A plant of the tropics, it can also be grown in warm temperate and subtropical areas. Meanwhile, Kew Gardens distributed plants it had propagated to British colonies throughout the world. Deliverable. New shoots are usually green, soft, pliable, contain tiny leaves or the beginning formation of a bud at the very tip, and ‘snaps’ off easily when pinched. B glabra is long flowering and a desirable garden plant. Although direct sun caused exponential growth, a thin curtain with a certain trimming of the new growth caused the leaves to enlarge exponentially. As a tropical plant, Bougainvillea requires full sun, or a light level of at least 4000 f.c. This is usually the case if bougainvillea are grown as houseplants or brought indoors to winter-over. there it hardly ever even gets to 15F. The root system is very sensit... read moreive so try not to disturb it. There is one area in Kailua-Kona where it looks like the walls are completely draped in color. × buttiana (B. glabra, B.peruviana) are best for containers as they flower when young.. Bougainvillea × buttiana ‘Poulton’s Special’ AGM: magenta-rose bracts [B. Soon thereafter, an important event in the history of bougainvillea took place with the discovery of a crimson bougainvillea in Cartagena, a Spanish port in the Mediterranean, by Mrs. R.V. Throughout our website and when responding to your questions in the forum, BGI uses “pruning” and “trimming” quite differently. Bougainvillea spectabilis is naturally found in South America growing into trees along forest margins. [2] Schoelhorn, Richard and Alavrez, Erin. Turn off lights and uncover when threat of frost is over. It’s very important to remember that a bougainvillea does not tolerate standing in water. Case in point, bougainvillea do not bloom well in South Florida during the summer months (June – August) because of the long days and excessive rainfall. For professional landscapers trimming miles of bougainvillea, gas-powered hedge shears are very efficient, and get the job done nicely. Bougainvilleas will grow in all hot climates, whether humid or dry; but you'll probably find the finest plants with the heaviest bloom in drier climates. We enjoy them, but I need to learn more about them and the type of soil, fertilizer to use and how to prune them properly. One Bougainvillea that I planted last season didn't receive much winter protection and died back completely to the r... read moreoot crown. Straight species Bougainvillea spectabilis is just as (if not more so) amazing in form, color, and hardiness than any of her cultivar children. Originally, B. spectabilis and B. glabra were hardly differentiated until the mid 1980s when botanists recognized them to be totally distinct species. Provided by Almost Eden. When grown in tropical and subtropical climates, this plant can become huge, and developes long, sharp thorns. Well, we've had a couple of hurricanes lately, a number of trees down, and all of a sudden I have a major flush of bloom on those bougainvilleas! “Brighten Up With Bougainvillea” 2005. That’s why we’ve created a blooming fertilizer specifically for bougainvillea called BOUGAIN®. It is frost tender but drought resistant. The beautiful Bougainvillea plant is a genus of tropical plants, thorny, shrub-like perennial vines of the Nyctaginaceae family.. Beautiful in a hanging basket and some growers have formed them as a bonsai. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd. Bougainvillea Spectabilis 'Alexandra' A tall climber that can be kept as a shrub or thorny, rambling vine, if grown as a vine it needs to be supported, trellis, wall, through a tree etc. Place them in a sunny location and water when soil becomes dry; leave them there until time to bring inside. As you can see, pruning your bougainvillea is also an act of trimming it. Weight: Will it be too heavy to move? AGROBITS 50 Pcs Bonsai Mixed Bougainvillea Plant Bougainvillea Spectabilis Willd Flower Plant Climbing Flower Plant SeedFor Home & Garden: 6: Patio, Lawn & Garden You will have to water them more frequently – about as often as a houseplant – and they probably will not have any color. The bracts are crinkled, fairly large, egg-shaped, and possess colors in the rose, rusty-red, and purple. Needs fun sun, will not bloom well if in shady areas. It's finally looking a lot better after several months. Spray the whole plant in warm, dry periods with a plant spray. Blooms on new growth. The more mature and healthy the plant…the better chances of survival during Winter months. ‘Lateritia’ produces brick-red bracts, 3-3.5cm long. Totally dry soil mixture is difficult to handle and may damage tender roots before the plant is watered.[4]. The inflorescence consists of large colourful sepal-like bracts which surround three simple waxy flowers. You have two options when deciding what to do with your tropical bougainvillea in times of frost or freeze. Although Bougainvillea spectabilis is a plant of the tropics, it can also grow in warm temperate and subtropical areas. Bring the plant indoors in autumn. Both options give you about the same level of success rate – moderate to high. October 1, 2002. A blooming period of several weeks when little or no vegetative growth occurs.
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