For example, if you install resilient tiles or sheet flooring over a subfloor, any bumps, dips, or voids in the subfloor may be evident in the finished flooring. Thanks for posting this great information! I have a second story floor that was carpet over plywood subfloor. If you have a weak subfloor that flexes up and down when walked on I would recommended adding an additional layer of 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick plywood underlayment glued and screwed down over a 5/8" or 3/4" thick subfloor to add stability. Installation usually consists of nailing these boards to the floor joists. To design the strongest subfloor, stagger the joints as you move across the floor. Or fastened with screws, or glue or both? Sometimes a joist needs to be longer than one piece of timber. Screwing into the edge gives only passable results but does seem to take biscuits and dowels and glue OK. The floor joists run lengthwise to the room, and we want to install a floating laminate floor. Even though you may think your homes environment is dry, interior relative humidity moisture levels and ground water tables can change frequently from month to month, We recommend laying 15 lb. The hardwood flooring must be installed crossing the subfloor boards (90 degree angle). Engineered, Solid Wood or Floating Wood Flooring that are less than 1/2" thick can be installed over a wood plank subfloor as long as the 3/4" plank subfloor is flat. layer of 3/8" or 1/2" thick plywood underlayment glued and screwed down At Wood and Beyond, we have a great team, all of whom are passionate about wood flooring and we’ll happily share our years of experience with you if you’d like us to. We also go over questions regarding Particle Board and Installing New Hardwood Flooring over Old Wood Flooring. Moisture testing should be performed prior to any installation of hardwood flooring. Hi – Using Ply wood have various reason including - Leveling, create better surface, Hight issues etc. ? LM from Hot Springs, AR. The flooring must be installed crossing the subfloor If the laminate flooring is installed parallel to the direction of the floor joists the Laminate flooring could develop distortion later. If the existing sub floor is 3/4" thick, solid and flat with no deflection between the joists when walked on and the floor joists are spaced 16 inches or closer, you may be able to run the hardwood flooring parallel with the floor joists to obtain a desired look. But I won’t hesitate to remove the old floor if squeaking has a risk to stay. It is NOT suitable to use as a structural subfloor material. COVID-19 Update | Online and phone orders, samples, as well as, deliveries are operating normally. One of the benefits of removing the old flooring is it allows you the chance to fix any loose subflooring or squeaks by re-securing the main subfloor to the floor joists prior to installing the new flooring. If you don’t respect this thickness of ply, then you’re highly likely to see rises and falls in your new flooring. We recommend to lay a 4-6 mil plastic down on the slab first to retard any minor moisture transfer from the concrete. Instead of turning the top layer, simply stagger its joints with respect to those of the subfloor. Loose or damaged subfloors can cause squeaking and affect the performance of the finished flooring that is installed over it. Preparation takes into account making the right decisions when ordering your wood flooring, but also means making sure your sub floor is well prepared for receiving your new floor. I guess 18mm will be even better… in any case please also ask your fitter on site to check quality of joists and decide accordingly. Height difference is 1/8" or more in some places at the plywood seams, but doesn't look quite like I'd expect buckling to look (may be fixed by nailing down - TBD) Plan of Attack I plan to put another layer of 5/8" plywood over the existing subfloor, and screw that down using coated deck screws, and likely glue with liquid nails. The installers of the laminate floor orignally installed north/south at our request but had to reinstall to lay in the direction to cross over the joists (east/west of house layout) because the glueing in the laminate planks could not withstand the flexing not supported by joists. Hi, Our Blog’s post is generic and you will have to consider your own conditions and subfloor and “judge it” accordingly.
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