If you really want to improve your Spanish while watching TV Shows you need to listen to them in Spanish and follow along with Spanish subtitles. What is it? Just look directly underneath the bottom right side of the video on the front page and you’ll see a menu where you can select whatever language you want. I called it The Telenovela Method because the popular media I initially used to learn most of my Spanish about nine years ago was telenovelas (that’s what soap operas are called in Spanish) because they were just about the only thing I could find that, occasionally at least, included subtitles in Spanish. 8. More options: in google chrome (mac or windows) exists a plugin to watch international TV sorted by countries and more, it's "chrome TV" (tools - extensions). You can also go to the ‘shows’ section and browse around there. Check it out, try it, let me know if you like it. Watch the film and see Ayrton as a personality. Since they’re state-funded, there’s no profit motive and therefore less motivation on their part to restrict who can watch their products, from where, and through which medium. It’s called The Telenovela Method and is available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Goodreads (also, your local bookstore should be able to order a copy if you like). Select a subtitle language. This is really a wonderful resource, especially if you’re a beginner, I can’t recommend it enough. Well, I really recommend you just read the Wikipedia article on it, but in short: Destinos is a Spanish TV show consisting of a series of 52 episodes, each about half an hour long, that was specifically designed by Professor Bill Van Patten who was, at the time, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to help teach Spanish to beginning and intermediate learners. I'll also tell you my story about how I got fluent in Spanish in six months (yes, it's difficult, but yes, it can still be done), mainly by STUDYING (not just watching) Spanish-language TV shows, movies, and music. I discovered that myself a long time ago, and it’s why I used to recommended movies to people over TV shows or just about anything else, because you could get Spanish-language movies on DVD with Spanish subtitles; they’re not that rare, after going through hundreds of Spanish-language movies on Amazon I found that about one in three had Spanish subtitles (a great example is Pan’s Labyrinth, I love that movie). Most videos that support subtitles include English text; however other languages may also be available. Even the machine-generated subtitles, like what YouTube offers, are now more than good enough for what we want to do (they used to be absolute crap). To view available languages, open the video details for a movie or TV show and look for the Subtitles section. BookBox – Fantastic little site, though they’ve only got 13 videos right now. Netflix, in particular, has gotten so much better about doing this, most movies and shows they offer now have subs in the language spoken, which is wonderful if you’re trying to learn that language. Eventually, you’ll be able to watch Spanish movies without any subtitles at all, which is even more effective! First, watch the movie a couple times with the English subtitles. Currently, as best I can tell, just their telenovelas have Spanish subtitles on YouTube. It’s about how to use popular media of your choice (movies, TV shows, music, books, news, etc.) All videos have complete subtitles and are available in numerous languages. You can also get directly to these by going to their YouTube channel, and if you’d like the Spanish ones you can just go to their playlist of them here. They have 20 videos per page and 500 pages of Spanish videos as of right now, so that means that they currently have right around 10,000 Spanish-language videos with Spanish subtitles. Since they’re state-funded, there’s no profit motive and therefore less motivation on their part to restrict who can watch their products, from where, and through which medium. This is essentially an entire Spanish course based on videos of native speakers speaking…which is actually pretty good, to be honest, and it’s free–you can’t argue with free. Watch Klaus. If you have an iPhone, you can install a lot of apps to learn spanish. There’s no difference, don’t worry about it, that’s why I haven’t distinguished between the two in the list below and the ones with transcripts instead of subtitles are mixed in with the ones with subtitles. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. Watch free Japanese Movies & TV Series online / English subtitles, Watch free Italian Movies & TV Series online / English subtitles, Watch free Spanish Movies & TV Series online / English subtitles. I don’t know why they messed with this since I last checked but they did: selecting “On – English” doesn’t just get you English subtitles, it gets you subtitles in general, that is when Spanish is being spoken you’ll get word-for-word Spanish subtitles and when English is being spoken you’ll get word-for-word English subtitles. How to watch Spanish TV online, tips for getting the most out of it, and a guide to channels and programmes If you'll subscribe to my email list right now I'll immediately send you my list of the Top 10 Free Online Spanish-Learning Resources as well as the first in my "Getting Started Learning Spanish" series, with much more to follow (e.g. ), Told you so, now Tim Ferriss is saying it, too: use material intended for natives that YOU find fun and interesting. My overall comprehension is obviously much better with the subtitles. Our database s got over 8,092 Movies and 1,279 TV Series. This list of free Spanish movies was compiled by YouTube user #tdebbie2002 and is an incredibly accessible resource for Spanish learners of all levels. For lots of great YouTube content see my post about Spanish-speaking YouTubers who are great for intermediate Spanish practice (most offer Spanish subs), my whole category dedicated to learning Spanish on YouTube, as well as this list of YouTube channels that teach Spanish. 2020 COPYRIGHT © 2020 THE VORE. 3. Here you can find subtitles for the most popular TV Shows and TV series. It is now, thankfully, easier and cheaper than ever to find foreign-language media with subtitles in the language spoken (lucky for us Spanish has the most available aside from English), plus you can even get social media like YouTube and Instagram videos with verbatim subtitles and/or transcripts. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How to Learn Spanish with TV Shows Use subtitles to guide you. Consequently, their website. They have a lot of these videos, all of which have transcripts. My Netflix recommendations: Club de Cuervos, Soy Tu Fan, and Alguien Más. My link goes to the Spanish version of the site, the main homepage is here where you can select from various languages using the menu at the very top left of the page, the default is English. If you’d like more information about them, including show recommendations, check out my post about RTVE here (and skip the first two paragraph, because you just read them). You don’t need to use telenovelas, no, pick what appeals to you. Learn Spanish on YouTube: Lessons Based on Spanish YouTube Videos, Recommended Channels, How to Do It, Learn Spanish for Real: Spanish Slang, Colloquialisms, & Cursewords, Basic Spanish Grammar Rules: Lessons & Explanations, Spanish Learning Resources for Teachers and Students, List of Best Free Sites to Watch Spanish TV Online, go on over to their site and try out the free demo videos, my post about Spanish-speaking YouTubers who are great for intermediate Spanish practice, my whole category dedicated to learning Spanish on YouTube, this list of YouTube channels that teach Spanish, a highly acclaimed book by the same title, Extr@ (this is a YouTube channel that has all 13 episodes with subtitles in Spanish), United Nations Multimedia Page for Spanish, Catálogo de voces hispánicas  by the Cervantes Institute, Spanish Proficiency Exercises from the University of Texas at Austin, Learn Spanish with Edustation.es - Very cool resource, love it (they have tons of Spanish videos with Spanish subtitles! I have whole series of emails (many series! You can turn on captions or choose subtitles in one of the other languages we have available. © I don't think Univision or Azteca or Telemundo offer English language subtitles. I have a whole method and a book I wrote about it called The Telenovela Method where I teach you how to learn Spanish from popular media like TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. Mextalki DE. He abandons his half-sister’s deal to sell inherited small land on the west coast of North America, knowing that its value will increase. Don't forget to click on the CC button to see the subtitles...on Youtube I see both English and Spanish subtitles available (you must choose which one you want by clicking on the Settings button next to the CC button). What’s really cool is that the wonderful people who made it and own the copyright have decided to make it available online for free for everyone to watch, and they’ve finally gotten around to not only completely redesigning their website (it really used to be crap) but also adding Spanish subtitles. I don’t know why they messed with this since I last checked but they did: selecting “On – English” doesn’t just get you English subtitles, it gets you subtitles in general, that is when Spanish is being spoken you’ll get word-for-word Spanish subtitles and when English is being spoken you’ll get word-for-word English subtitles. Check out…. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. to learn Spanish on your own. I’ve sorted the list of Spanish TV channels below by country and included short bits of pertinent information where appropriate. LD TV is dedicated to local information and opinion, and belonging to the internet portal Libertad Digital. LD TV (Spanish) LD TV (Libertad Digital) TV channel from Madrid. Fantastic sites, they’re adding new videos all the time, and, of course, the biggest benefit is that they’re completely free. The way you get to the videos is to just hover your mouse arrow over “Videos” in the blue toolbar at the top, then select a show or type of show from the drop-down menu that appears. Hulu. Please, if you know of any others, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them and give you credit, or if you notice that a link no longer works, please say so in the comments and I’ll fix it straight away. Spanish Conversation Connectors: “it seems to me”, “all joking aside”, “I presume”, etc. Mextalki DE is designed to help Spanish learners improve their skills. This is Spain’s state-owned corporate television station, very similar to the BBC in the U.K. or PBS here in the U.S.  They’re the largest and most popular broadcaster in Spain, and they show a wide variety of news, documentaries, fictional dramas, reality shows, etc. haha), and I really like that the whole story is spread across 4 different Spanish-speaking countries (they did this intentionally so you would be exposed to a variety of dialects and accents, very clever and an excellent educational technique in my opinion): Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Here’s their YouTube channel: Telemundo en YouTube. This is crucial. Yay! If you want to use their website, the way you get to them is to simply choose a video and then, once it starts playing, click on the “CC” button on the bottom right and then select “Español” (Spanish). They have a ton of videos there with subtitles, but again these are just YouTube videos that Spanish-speaking users have selected and elected to write up some subtitles for, the community does all the work (again, just like with Amara you, too, can sign up and help out by doing some subtitles in whatever languages you speak). This will automatically switch the video's subtitles to the selected language. United Nations Multimedia Page for Spanish – Here you can find videos and radio broadcasts in Spanish, all of which have transcripts with them, plus the videos have subtitles in Spanish, just click the little “CC” button at the bottom of the video. 6. It’s the same thing as the first few, a community of people who subtitle YouTube videos for free in their spare time, basically just helping each other out by subtitling videos in their native language so that people who speak other languages will do the same for videos in their native language. Don't memorize the subtitles but watch it enough times so that you know the plot and can get into the movie. The second Telenovela I watched (after Teresa , see above) was Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal (the Boss of Evil), about the famed Colombian drug trafficker. Consequently, their website, RTVE.es, offers a lot of material that’s all in Spanish and free to view by anybody, anywhere in the world. The e-book version is about $7.99 and the paperback is about $14.99 (varies a bit by retailer). If you don't know the language at all, then you're just like me. I just found this one the other day, they currently list 4,626 videos in Spanish with Spanish subtitles (note that you can search and sort by language of the speakers and subtitle language using the search bar on the videos homepage, just pull the menu down and select your languages). It was the #1 new release in the Spanish Language Instruction section on Amazon for nearly a month after it came out and currently has 17 reviews there with a 4.9/5 stars average. The only way you'll get a Spanish to English translation on a TV show is if the Production company making the show does it. Amara aka  UniversalSubtitles.org – Wow. TV, movies, radio, music etc. 2019 year. Of course I have to throw in some Shakira videos…, And for the Juanes fans there are a ton, including…. Watch free Spanish Movies & TV Series online / English subtitles Independent Spanish art house cinema has always been there, even under Franco. System), Manners in Spanish – The Basics of Being Polite in Spanish-Speaking Cultures, Spanish Transition Words (Muletillas) and Sentence Starters: The Grease of the Language Gears, Respond in Spanish Like a Native: Common Spanish Phrases, Expressions & Comebacks. Agree that they won’t have English subtitles if you watch them on the RTVE website. Rating: 8.50. Closed captioning is in Spanish, at least here in LA. A topical grammar index and podcast help are also available.”  Each video not only has a transcript, but it also has an accompanying explanation of all the grammar and vocabulary used as well as an associated podcast of it. As you may know, in Castilian Spanish (considered the standard European Spanish) the letters “c” and “z” are pronounced “th,” and in some parts of Andalucía even the letter “s” is … Haha! Univision – Univision has now joined the party! If English isn't your first language, the US version of Netflix also offers Chinese and Spanish subtitles. It should be noted that not all of their videos can be viewed outside Spain, but many of them can. How Many Words Do You Need to Know to Be Fluent in Spanish (or Any Foreign Language)? Last Updated: 16/09/19 Here are the transcripts and more (look to the menu on the left for them as well links to the same for other episodes in that series): I can’t possibly list every single Spanish music video that includes the lyrics, but I will give you some examples and then show you how you can obtain the lyrics for nearly any other one that you want even if the video doesn’t include them. I’m not sure how many of their videos they’ve done this for, it appears that all the recent episodes of all of their telenovelas have them (the older episodes don’t appear to), and some of their other shows as well (but not all, they haven’t done it for any of the sporting events). 5. They are now putting all of their telenovelas online, for free, and with both Spanish and English subtitles, though you do need to sign in with a participating cable provider (Cox, AT&T, Dish Network, and many others are on the list) to be able to view the full episodes. Lastly, it just so happens that I wrote a book about precisely how to learn Spanish from the kind of popular media above! How to Say “Tour”in Spanish: Well…it depends on what kind of tour you mean. that you can all find online for free. The channel offers news, which is updated to the minute. The Spanish used in the series is very clearly spoken at a rate of speed that I would classify as being at the low end of normal for native speakers (that is, it’s slow, but not abnormally slow), which makes it very easy to understand even for beginning learners (and with the addition of the subtitles, nobody should have a problem quickly and easily determining what was said).
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