The grips conform to the motion of the user’s hands while the glide-tech forged blades assist in delivering fast and clean cuts with minimal strain to the hands. 3. These snips will be used primarily for cutting and notching aluminum coil, with occasional use cutting roofing step flashing, light sheet metal, and vinyl siding. Then separate the blades as wide as they’ll go, or remove the bolt and dismantle them entirely. The main downside is that this snipping tool is heavy compared to other tools mentioned so far, and they’re over 12 inches long. Craftsman Aviation Snips — Best for Precision Cutting, 5. To help you choose the right snips for the job at hand, there is a color-coding system in place. We participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which we earn fees by linking to Amazon plus other affiliated sites. Klenk snips, also sold under the Malco name, are made both in the US and in Germany. Smooth blades can be useful for cutting natural materials like aluminum since they’ll leave smoother edges on the cut.”. The Tekton 10-inch Patter Tin Snips are very similar to the Irwin snips in the way they cut, but they’re a better choice if you’re looking for a smaller tool. It can handle metal thickness of up to 18-gauge, the grips are designed for optimal comfort, and the compound leverage means significantly less fatigue. Malco J-Channel Cutters for vinyl siding are available in three standard sizes: 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". The Irwin is made with precision-ground edges to ensure a tight grip with each cut. To be more specific, these snips can cut through 18-gauge steel with relatively no problem. Last but certainly not least is the Hurrican 10-inch aviation snip with serrated blade design. Lowes has a nice price on a set of 3 Stanley FatMax snips, or they have Lenox snips individually. Midwest Snips® Roper Whitney® ... Malco® 5-Blade Hand Crimper. Malco’s Aviation Snips are designed to keep you comfortable as you work continuously. ... Malco Andy Combination Snip for Vinyl Cutting and More. According to the Malco company, one of the most-loved features of this tool is the “superior hardened blade edges for ‘maximum’ cutting life. Metal-cutting snips fall into two basic categories: tin snips and aviation snips. Tin snips, or tinners, resemble a pair of scissors, and this simple design means few problems with malfunctioning or breaking. Choosing a Quality Tin Snips & Aviation Shears, 8 Best Tin Snips & Aviation Shears Reviewed, Air Purifier Vs Dehumidifier: Pros & Cons For Air Quality, How to Dispose of an Old Air Conditioner for Responsible Recycling, Right & Left (with the option for straight). Aviation shears tend to have larger grips since they are specifically designed for cutting thick, aviation-grade materials. Tin snips and aviation shears are must-have tools, not only for technicians and contractors but also for around the house jobs. The blades are made from hot drop-forged steel for maximum strength and a long lifespan, and they’re held tightly together by a durable spring washer. Like the FatMax, it can cut through low carbon, cold-rolled 18-gauge steel or 23-gauge stainless steel. Item #1291364. The Midwest Aviation Snip Set is an excellent choice for anyone since it comes with a pair of snips for both left and right orientation. Use only pressure exerted from your hands for leverage; never use a hammer, your foot, or another tool to increase cutting pressure, this probably won’t end well for you. Midwest Tool & Cutlery MWT-6510C 2-Piece Snips Set. Midwest Aviation Snip — The Most Durable Aviation Snips. They're about the same price as Wiss, and a much better snip for daily use. If you’re wondering how to use tin snips to cut sheet metal in straight lines, use a pair of standard snips (there’s no need for aviation/compound snips) and make long, clean strokes. One of the things that makes aviation snips more versatile is the fact that there are several different types, and there is a color-coding system to identify each type easily. That makes the tool more useful because you can use it perfectly with either hand. Comment Report abuse. Malco Products, Inc., headquartered in Annandale, Minnesota, USA, was founded in 1950 and was a pioneer with its innovative specialty hand tools for the HVAC trade. This task is better handled by tin snips – look for a pair that resembles a pair of scissors. The simple scissor-like design is great for use on flat materials, but for curved metal, you’ll want to go with aviation shears instead. Also they are a tad bit and I mean a tad bit wider and bigger than lets say midwest or wiss. They are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel and austemper heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * You May Also Like... Quick view. used as a bolt cutter by hammering on the handles as one “mechanic” fessed-up). The Midwest Aviation Snip Set is an excellent choice for anyone since it comes with a pair of snips for both left and right orientation. Midwest Aviation Snip — The Most Durable Aviation Snips, 4. The spring-action feature on this pair of snips allows for fast and easy feeding. The handle can be operated with a single hand. It’s versatile, powerful, easy to use, and by far the best offset option available. The hardness of the blade makes a huge difference in how long your snips will last, so pay close attention to this. There are many angles and shapes involved, and getting them just right is crucial for successfully completing a project. ... Midwest snips last me about a year or so of solid everyday use before they no longer cut cleanly on light gauge metal. $42.85. Many of the aviation snips you’ll see being offered today are simply not capable of lasting for a long time. For straight cuts on material that’s not quite as thick, tinners will do just fine. A useful tool for a metal worker. Item #1957264. 2 Results Brand: Malco. Technically, each snip is color-coded properly, but instead of the right-hand snip being entirely green and the straight snip being entirely yellow, they come with one green/yellow handle and one red handle. Quick view. $33.75. This 12-inch snip is perfect for cutting through 20-gauge cold-roll steel or 22-gauge stainless steel. But what’s even more important is when you start using them. Stanley FatMax 14-563 — Best Aviation Snips for Cutting Thicker Materials, 7. Of course, these aren’t the ideal choice if you’re not in the market for an offset aviation snip, but if you’re looking for something powerful that can cut through 1.25 inches of metal, the M2006 is worth every penny. Add to Cart. The great thing about Irwin’s Multi-Purpose Snips is that they have no trouble at all with thinner surfaces.
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