image for representation . Festivals, for most people, seem to be no more than a welcome break from the humdrum existence. Similarly there is a proper meaning behind the celebration of the Navratri festival. Navratri is celebrated as a Nine Day period of worship in most states of North India, dedicated to the nine forms of the Hindu deity Durga. Navratri 2020: Sharad Navratri Date, Significance, Vrat Ka Khana, And Colours For All Days From big to not-so-big, we like to celebrate all festivals, and one of the most awaited festivals of the year, Navratri, is here. All of them are related to Goddess Shakti (Hindu Mother Goddess) and her various forms. As every other Hindu festival, Navratri also has some particular reason or factors to celebrate or observe. Date & Tithi: Colour: Significance: October 17 Ghatasthapana/ Pratipada Grey: It's the first day of Navratri when Kalash Sthapana is done. While for the rest of the states Durga Puja is said to begin from the 5th day of Navratri. People also wish each other a happy Navratri 2020 on this festival. Navaratri 2020 in India will begin on Saturday, 17th October and ends on Saturday, 25th October. The core message is the victory of good over evil; while the stories and the narratives differ from the other festivals. Significance of Navratri. Navratri (literally “nine nights”) is one of the most important festivals of Shaktism and Hindus in general. Navratri 2020: Significance of Kanya Pujan and All You Need to Know About it. Each day of Navratri celebrates a certain incarnation of the goddess. Millions of devotees are celebrating Ashtami— the nine-day Hindu festival Navratri on October 24. Importance & Significance of Navratri Credit: India Today When it comes to the importance, Navratri holds an importance like every other Indian festival. Nine girls = nine forms of Durga, the girls‟ feet are washed as a welcoming to the goddess. The festival is celebrated with profound devotion and love towards the Goddess Durga. Navratri 2020. Hindu culture and way of living was started with Shakti worship. Puranas […] As a little girl, I always looked forward to the Navratris. All of them are mentioned below. Navratri occurs over 9 days during the month of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian calendar, usually September-October). 'Nav' means 'nine' and 'ratri' means 'night'. Chaitra month marks the beginning of the year, which sets a phase of celebration for these nine days. When we talk about the importance of Navratri, just like every other festival in India, the core message is the same – the victory of good over bad. This is the period, when her energy and power are worshipped. Significance. Navratri is an important Hindu festival celebrated in the month of Ashwin. The tenth day is the festival of Dussehra. Significance Of Navratri And Navratri Vrat (Fasting) It is believed that for these nine days the Goddess descends on earth to be among her devotees. Diwali - When and What is Diwali : Indian Festivals Ceremony and Celebrations Kumari, which signifies the girl child, is worshipped on the first day of the festival. Navratri is a major Hindu festival celebrated throughout in India and Nepal.It is a festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga or Shakthi – a manifestation of … Dussehra usually marks the ending of Navratri. Source: Rangoli designs for Navratri 2020 and their significance: Rangolis are unique to Indian culture. They Buy Puja Accessories Online to make this puja perfect. Today we are going to tell you some legends and significance associated with this festival. This year, Navratri starts on 17th October 2020 and concludes on 25th October 2020. It gives a cultural view with great diversity in the form of dance, music and play. Significance of the Days. People are excited to play Garba and perform Aarti to express their gratitude. Hindu festivals fortify the rich culture and history of this country. The third day of Navratri festival is celebrated on 19 October 2020. There is a proper reason, meaning and significance behind each Hindu festival. Significance of Navratri. The nine days are filled with enthusiasm, fun and happiness. Importance and Significance of Navratri. Thus, 'Navratri' means 'nine nights'. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to one of the avatars of Goddess Durga. The festival of Navratri will be celebrated between 17th to 25th of October in the year 2020. Navratri has a different significance all over India and is celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, mostly around September and October. This year the festival will be observed from 17 October 2020 to 25 October 2020. Each day is dedicated to a different appearance of Durga. The nine day-long festivities began from October 17 this year. by Ancient Astrology Talks October 18, 2020, 2:01 pm. It often ends with the Dussehra (also called Vijayadashami) celebration on the 10th day. The auspicious days will last till October 25. People belonging to West Bengal consider Maha Navami to be one of the most auspicious times during the year. A specific form of Maa Adi Shakti called Significance of Navratri festival 2020, Day 3 - Buziness Bytes Ninth day of Navratri (Mahanavami), during this day 9 girls who haven‟t reached puberty are worshipped. There are many legends attached to the conception of Navratri like all Indian festivals. On October 25/26, Vijayadashami will be celebrated, (Dussehra) will be celebrated. Here are nine colors Hindu women wear during Navratri. Also Read: The Spiritual Significance of Navaratri : Swami Tejomayananda. Navratri, in Hinduism, major festival held in honor of the divine feminine. Significance of the Festival Offering made to Saraswati = clarified butter (Ghee), rice pudding (kheer) and sesame seeds. Navaratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights (and ten days) and is celebrated every year in the autumn. For Bengalis, Maha Navami is observed as the third day of Durga Puja. Each day is dedicated to one avatar of goddess Durga. Day 1 or Pratipada. All about India. But there are multiple stories being narrated for Navratri. This day worships Ma Shailputri or the daughter of the mountains. Navratri is one of the most celebrated festivals in India by Hindus.The Navratri is perhaps the longest festival also with the duration of 9 days.The literal meaning of word ‘Navratri’ is 9… Navarathri Day 1 Devi : … The fervour of this nine-day long celebration excited me more than Diwali, as it meant dressing up in colourful costumes and dancing the garba with friends. Significance of Navaratri, Chaitra Navratri, Sharada Navratri - We worship the divine power to bestow upon all of us enough potent powers to maintain our physical and mental balance. Significance of the Navratri festival. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian cultural sphere. A lot of people have been wondering about the Navratri day 4 significance and the Navratri … People perform puja at home as well. Every day has a significant colour which should be worn on that day. Chaitra Navratri is also named as Vasanta Navratri, and Rama Navratri. Significance, importance of Navratri Durga Puja is mentioned in several Puranas and other scriptures. Devotees keep a fast for Maa Durga and worship her during Navratri festival. In other sense, every Hindu religious legend is associated with Shakti pooja. Navratri is a significant Hindu festival which is observed for 9 nights and 10 days. Rangolis symbolize festivities, cheer and a general sense of … The festival lasts 9 days and nights, nights are especially important: according to tantra, the night is … Find out the significance of colours in Navratri festival. Significance of Each Day of Navaratri - Navaratri, also spelled Navratri or Navarathri, is a nine nights (and ten days) Hindu festival. In this festival, the nine forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped one in each day. And according to a custom, each day has a color attached to it. Significance of Navratri The First Three Days of Navratri The first three days of Navratri are devoted to the worship of the Goddess Durga. A report on Jagran reveals that, Navratri literally means ‘nine nights’ and this year the festival will commence from October 17. During Navratri, nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped.. As per Mahakala Samhita, there are four Navratri in Hindu calendar.. Sharad Navratri; Chaitra Navratri; Magha Gupta Navratri; Ashadha Gupta Navratri; As per the religious text, the significance of each Navratri varies from Yuga to Yuga. Every festival has a reason and significance behind its celebration. But the truth is, there is more to festivals than mere fun and enjoyment. What is the significance of Navratri? Many devotees refrain from eating non-vegetarian food and consuming alcohol during Navratri. What do the colours of Navratri mean? India is a nation which boasts of celebrations and festivals throughout the year.
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