Thayer's Greek Lexicon. The scarlet color is bright, reminiscent of sunrise. The meaning of Zerah is "glowing". Zera Israel (Hebrew: זרע ישראל ‎, pronounced [ˈzeʁa(ʔ) jisʁaˈ(ʔ)el], meaning "Seed [of] Israel") is a legal category in halakha, Jewish religious law, that denotes the blood descendants of Jews who, for one reason or another, are not legally Jewish according to religious criteria. Meanings Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Zerah is: East, brightness. of Hebrew origin Zerach Definition Zerah, an Isr. … His name comes from a verb meaning, “to rise or shine.” Yet, in this case the meaning is generally thought to derive from the scarlet cord wrapped around his wrist. Z erah as a name for boys is of Hebrew origin, and the name Zerah means "glowing". ENDS WITH-ah. Zerah as a boy's name is related to the Hebrew name Zerach. Zerah has five sons: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol, and Dara. Zerah is the second twin. What does Zerah mean? NASB Translation Zerah (1). To all appearances, Zerah seemed to be the one, but God had different plans, and Perez was the firstborn. In God’s providence, it was through Perez that the line of the Lord Jesus Christ proceeded (Matthew 1:3). This separation explains why so few references to Zerah appear in God's Word. Zerah is a version of Zerach (Hebrew). Others went to Troy, near the Dardanelles, which, by the way, bears the name of Zerah's fifth son, Darda. In the case of Perez and Zerah, the scarlet thread was to indicate who was to have the designation and privileges of the firstborn. Some of the children of Zerah went north to Greece. Cheated of their birthright, the descendants of Zerah separated from the children of Israel soon after the Exodus.
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